EHS Management Consultancy Ltd provides consultancy support and advice to businesses in the UK, in the fields of environment, health and safety. We work cross sector, and are experienced in aviation, logistics, manufacturing, textiles, paper and pulp, chemicals and food / drink to name a few.

Organisations with environment and / or health and safety management systems ISO14001:2015 and ISO45001:2018 respectively have the tricky task of ensuring they keep up-to-date with changing legislation and can demonstrate compliance with applicable legislation.

Internal audits must be carried out to ensure management systems remain compliant. Employees must be provided with information, instruction and training to ensure they are fully aware of the implications of their role in the management system, and consequences of not conforming.

EHS Management Consultancy Ltd can provide the following solutions:


Legislation Support

Assistance in the creation and maintenance of legal registers for environment, health and safety law.

With 20 years’ experience of carrying out legal audits for companies in a wide variety of sectors across the UK, we can undertake independent audits and produce compliance reports letting you know exactly where you are compliant, and where there is work to do.

Whether you have an existing legal register that requires updating and an independent compliance review carrying out, or a new legal register is needed to ensure all applicable environmental and/or health & safety compliance obligations are documented, EHS Management Consultancy can assist.

Management Systems Support

EHS Management Consultancy Ltd is on hand to provide independent advice and audits to companies with or in the process of attaining environmental and health & safety management systems ISO14001:2015 and ISO45001:2018 respectively.

With the transition of the health & safety management system from OHSAS18001 to ISO45001:2018 now required, we can help provide advice on where changes to your management system are required.

ISO 14000
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Often with changes in UK legislation or working to new environmental and health & safety management systems, there is a need to ensure the workforce is fully briefed on their obligations.

EHS Management Consultancy Ltd can provide training from ‘shopfloor’ to Director level in order to ensure employees understand their environmental and / or health and safety requirements.

We can provide Director briefings on changes to ISO14001, to ensure your Company fully aware of its need to integrate management systems into the strategic direction of the Company, and how this may be achieved.

Working with you

Whether you are looking for workplace training, business advice, audits or legislation, we can assist your organisation.